Harvey’s Craft Range

WPA Pinfold


Creative Agency: WPA Pinfold
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Harvey’s Brewery
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Known as both the ‘champagne of beers’ and the oldest independent Brewery in Sussex, Harvey’s needed to reaffirm its credentials and reposition the brewery for a fresh generation. A radical move for the brewery, required an equally radical approach to the design. We wanted to visually represent the rich and dynamic flavours of the beers and found a local artist with exactly the right style. The master illustration is blended to represent the styles and colours of the individual beers, providing a successful collaboration that communicates authenticity, credibility and provenance.

Although a small town, the south east of Lewes is well known for its local arts and crafts scene. Its community is famous for its free minded and spirited people, all of which are extremely proud of their local heritage. The whole ‘we wunt be druv’ concept reflects the independence, spirit and pride that has always been at the hearty of the county, fitting in well with Harvey’s overall ethos. It was through this insight, we really wanted to capture the very essence of Harvey’s community – championing local art with intelligent design that represented both the people and the successful history of the traditional brewery. In support of facilitating the artwork, we provided the artist with the flavour variants and tasting notes for each of the craft beer ranges as this would allow her to create art that expressed each of the unique beer styles. This is the first set in a series of a craft range strategy to champion local artists.