WPA Pinfold


Moorhouse’s Brewery is located close to Pendle Hill in Lancashire, which is infamous for its mystic legends, in particular the Pendle witches. We first rebranded the Brewery and its traditional cask range – our award winning mystical designs helped revitalise Moorhouse’s and its brands.

The challenge was to establish a new range of beers in the craft beer category. Moorhouse’s had specialised in cask ale and the new craft range had to appeal in a totally differentiated and very crowded market. Out of the shadows… is a series of 16 innovative beers, using the latest recipes and styles that are on trend for the contemporary craft drinker. Each beer has its own distinctive name and graphics.

The branding and on pack communication were deliberately alternative and challenging, taking its cues from the myths that surround Pendle Hill and appealing to a new generation of drinkers – who are totally different to Moorhouse’s core customer.

The beer market is very crowded with approximately 2,000 UK brewers, all clamouring for attention on-bar and on-shelf, gratuitous graphics abound. We had to create something that was alternative with significant stand out (on-bar and on-shelf) whilst also being meaningful and relevant to Moorhouse’s and its brand thinking.

The brand activation extends beyond the packaging across a wide variety of touchpoint, including POS, website, social and gift packs. The result, each beer is selling out on release and the range is building a fantastic new fan base for Moorhouse’s.