Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Dzerzhinsky meat-packing producer
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Packaging Contents: Sausages

Fabula Branding has developed a trademark for sausage products for the Dzerzhinsky meat-packing producer.

The introduction of the new offering to the saturated meat products market demanded correct positioning and creation of strong brand attributes to draw attention to the brand and effectively distinguish it from the competitors.

The chosen concept of positioning – a modern Belarusian product, traditional yet advanced in terms of production – emphasizes the advantages of the product.

The name “Native places” (in Belarusian) tells about the Belarusian origin of the brand (an important motivator for many consumers) and creates a strong emotional connection between the brand and the buyer. The slogan “Map of meat flavors” (in Belarusian) supports and refers to modern gastronomic pairings such as wine or cheese tastings, thus boosting the status of the product.

The large logo places a large emphasis on the elements in the design. The clean geometric shape of the circle, centered arrangement and fresh green color make the packaging expressive and effective and highlight the trademark on the shelf. To further this goal, the colorful photos of Belarusian landscapes and the division of labels into contrasting blocks are used.

The brand is carried out with the use of photo illustrations and infographic icons showing an image of animals corresponding to the product type.

As a part of the main brand development, we faced a challenge of creating a sub-brand for the line of children products. The “Native places” (in Belarusian) brand was the choice. The brand adopts the basic principles of positioning and the design structure of the parent brand: an expressive logo and the separation of label into contrasting blocks. However, the colors have become more vivid, their combination is milder, and verbal communication is more affectionate. For example, in addition to the name, the euphemism appears in the description of the type of products: sausage products “Native places” (in Belarusian). In addition, photographic images of real landscapes are replaced by the picturesque author’s illustrations. These features emphasize the childish nature of the product line and create cheerful mood necessary for this category.