Designer: Anna Haggerty
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Course: Senior Project
Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
Location: Huntington, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: White vinyl high gloss UV, aluminium cans
Printing Process: Digital printing

HOPSWATCH is not your average brewing company. We partnered with PANTONE to create a tasteful palate of seasonal beers with a plethora of colors and flavors that change every season, every year. The flavors are accents to PANTONE’s color of the year, which change yearly just like our beers. Better yet, with each flavorful beer, comes a new brewing company in charge of creating one of the beers for the season. Each beer, no matter the season, is specially crafted by a sole brewing company within the United States.

How does it work?

  1. Color: PANTONE selects the color of the year and carefully creates color palettes to accent the chosen color.
  2. Beer: Based on the color and color palettes of the year, HOPSWATCH identifies the tasting palates and carefully chooses breweries from across the country to brew each beer for its paired color. This gives you (the consumer) the opportunity to expand your horizon and learn more about different brewing companies across the country!
  3. Subscribe: Visit the HOPSWATCH website and register for our seasonal beers. At the start of every season, you will receive one twelve pack of each seasonal beer. If you enjoyed what you tasted, you can go to your local liquor store, visit our website, or visit us at one of our brewpub’s. Use the store locator on the HOPSWATCH website to find a liquor store and brewpub near you!
  4. FAQs: You must be 21 years or older to subscribe and order from HOPSWATCH. Someone must be 21 years or older to sign for the beer upon arrival at your residence. You are solely responsible for the shipment of alcohol and are expected to know and abide by your local and state laws. HOPSWATCH only ships on a schedule, not by demand, as we are a seasonal retailer.

The four beers that are shown are the Spring and Summer 2017 brews: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Calypso Coral and Greenery.

What’s Unique?
Hopswatch focuses on creating colorful and flavorful craft beer that features brewing artists from all over the country. Our seasonal beers are constantly evolving which allows us to produce unique, exclusive, and memorable beers. As of today, there are no brewing companies that incorporate color and beer as intricately as HOPSWATCH. If you like what you see, odds are you will enjoy the beer’s flavor even more as the two go hand in hand.