Hotovo Premium Wine

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Design: the Labelmaker
Bottle: Saverglass
Capsule: Lineapack
Typography: the Fontmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Libera Estate
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Print: Rotoprint
Printing Process: Flexo Print, Silk Foil, Silk Screen, Hot Foil

Hotovo is the premium wine brand by Libera Estate, Bulgaria.

It consists of three wines which needed a luxury label design to enhance their strong character and outstanding quality. Fully determined by the unique Struma valley terroir these wines were also deeply influenced by the personality and professional skills of Bulgaria’s 2017 Sommelier of the Year Zhivko Enchev. He took the leading role when the wines were crafted from the vineyard to the barrels. His important participation in this project as a supervising sommelier reflected on my design significantly too – the top part of the label ends with oval shape featuring a tastevin hanging on the traditional chain around the bottle neck making it a true embodiment of a sommelier. This was my tribute to Mr. Enchev and his work.

The tastevin and the chain were printed with high build silk foil against gold hot foil overlay.

Combining two different gold materials is one of my top specialties when I have to create luxury label design. The raised silk foil produces different reflections due to its high level of embossing creating very authentic 3D effect over the gold hot foil background. The tastevin and the chain are the key element in my design along with the round top end of the label. They are very attractive yet looking real and authentic.

The bottom part of my luxury label design is influenced by the generic labels used in every winery but it is also mixed with elements from some old designs for whiskeys and bourbons.

The whole label is really large, so I had a lot of space at the bottom to put some important text information about each of the wines along with Mr. Enchev’s personal signature and the logo of the producer printed with raised varnish. For most of the texts I used my favorite wine font Bolyar Pro by the Fontmaker.

One of the most important things when creating a luxury wine label design is the paper. In Hotovo label its role is even more important because the label is really large.

I gave my choice to very heavy and thick paper made of pure cotton fibers. Its smooth textured paper does not produce unwanted reflections and at the same time it is perfect canvas for all these special processes I did on the label like gold hot foil, silk screen, raised varnish etc.

Last but not least – I needed heavy, strong and masculine Bordeaux style bottle for this wine. We had really short discussion with Mr. Enchev and without any doubt we picked Paradis bottle by Saverglass. Very solid yet elegant it was an excellent companion to my luxury label design and the shining sommelier tastevin.

Wines are sealed with premium cork by Amorim and a branded black capsule produced by Lineapack.