ABC Design Communication

Συνταγματάρχου Δαβάκη 15, Πεύκη 151 21, Ελλάδα

Design: ABC Design Communication
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Evochem S.A.
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Acrylic paint
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal cans

Minos S.A. is the first color production industry of Greece, established in 1968.

49 years later, and after many changes on the packaging, our company was assigned to create Minos’ new image.

Searching for ways that the product would enter the market with a new, dynamic image, we decided to give Minos a human personality.

The idea was developed with the figure of a smiling, bearded man, “expert” in spray colors and any technique required by the professional or the hobbyist on constructions and othes activities. Mr Minos, a sketch with strong and clear outlines, is friendly, strong and confident, adds value to the product and is the symbol that the consumer recognizes and trusts. Color code of the product is simply given by the cap.