Design: YG
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: VSPT Wine Group
Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Holographic foil, Stamping

“Viña San Pedro chose YG to develop their first sparkling wine in the Ice category. This 150-year old winery is one of the most important wineries in Chile. They sell their products in more than 80 markets across all five continents.

The challenge

  • To create a new identity as part of the portfolio and to penetrate the market to position Viñamar ICE as an innovative attractive brand.
  • To lead the “wine on ice” segment.

What makes this sparkling wine special is that it must be served on ice. The 3 creative proposals we presented to our client were based on this characteristic: geometric patterns, water reflections, and the molecular structure of frozen water (the one chosen by our client).

We suggested going beyond the visual code of traditional sparkling wines to make an overall impact not only through the label, but through the bottle, the bottleneck, and the capsule. To remain consistent with the brand identity of the portfolio, we chose a sophisticated and feminine style.


  • • An elegant sophisticated label consistent with brand identity.
  • • The use of holographic foil gets an iridescent effect (ice crystals scattering light).
  • • Capsules are very important visual elements in sparkling wines. For this reason, we tried to create a cold look and feel by using a white matt capsule that adds to the overall style of the packaging.

ICE is the family’s “rebellious” child. The product is aligned with the rest of the portfolio but stands out as the most special product in the line. The client is very satisfied with the redesign of the whole range, but especially with ICE, which won wide acceptance in the domestic market soon after being launched.”

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