Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Royston Labels
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rubies in the Rubble
Location: United Kingdom

Royston Labels teamed up with a company creating “Condiments with a Conscience” to manufacture this range of glossy, colourful and practical labels.

In the UK, over 1/3 of all fresh produce is wasted. That may seem like an unlikely number until you take a moment to consider how often you scrape leftovers into the bin or clean out that mouldy vegetable drawer. More significant is the “waste” produce binned by farms, factories and supermarkets every single day. As we all know, crooked carrots and misshapen apples tend not to make it to our fridges, which means across the country perfectly good (if slightly ugly) food is going uneaten.

Enter Rubies in the Rubble, a company dedicated to rescuing fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, and turning them into delicious pickles, chutneys, sauces and relishes. These products include Pink Onion & Chilli relish and Blueberry BBQ sauce, and are housed in jars featuring Royston labelling.

The company’s young, exciting and creative ethos is reflected in its charming branding and the bold designs dreamt up for its jars and bottles. To bring the design briefs to life and ensure a vibrant finish, our team manufactured these labels using high gloss paper on a digital inkjet printer. Most of the products demanded a smooth, durable wraparound label to fit a small glass jar, however we also printed a variety of sticker seals for the larger Kilner jars.

The end result? A range of vibrant and practical labels that are guaranteed to make consumers look twice.