Made in Hong Kong Vol.1 — The Knock-off Rebuild

Derrick Lin


Design: Hiu Ying Chan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Toy, book
Location: Hong Kong

The Hong Kong knock-off toys seem to be disappearing and being neglected by new generations.

The Knock-off Rebuild is the kickoff of the Made in Hong Kong book collection. The book records Hong Kong knock-off toys history that can reintroduce them to the target audience. The introductory book can give a brief understanding about the Hong Kong knock-off toys history, in order to enhance their understanding of this local culture.

The book design is taking the reference of the toy packaging. It used the classical plastic gun with the vacuum forming technique and placed on the book cover. The audiences are like reading the story behind the Hong Kong knock-off toy.​​​​​​​