AHAVA – Celebrating love and beauty

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Agency : Shake Design
Chief Creative Director: Maayan Reshef
Designer: Estina Levy
VP Account: Einat Mitzmacher
Illustrators: Sofia Bonati, Tali Yalonetzki, Sharon Targal, Shira Zafrani, Roman Gulman, Lena Ravenko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: AHAVA
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics: Face mask, hand cream, foot cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Decades of research on the dead sea shore, combining the power of science with the understanding of the elements of nature. Ahavas’ earth is the Dead Sea, using its elements to create innovative products to stop time, bringing consumers a youthful radiance, lit from within.

For AHAVA’s 30 years anniversary we created a special limited-edition line of products, redefining beauty. Inspired by women all around the world, we believe that beauty has no age, no size, no color and no boundaries.

Our 30 years anniversary concept was built seeking to break conventions and cross boundaries in many life aspects, Ultimately challenging perceptions of beauty, we chose several up-and-coming female artists to portray their own notion of beauty. We then turned their art into the heart and soul of a limited-edition line of products.

What’s Unique?
A special iconic logo, bolsters the concept portrayed by these beautiful pieces of art. The color pallet we chose is both feminine and dominant, conveying the message of strength and beauty at the same time. The design of the packaging, advertisements, mini-site, POS elements and all other materials keeping the images of the diverse beautiful women respectfully in the center.