Mestnoe Izvestnoe Rebrand

Design: Fabula Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Grinroznitsa LLC
Location: Minsk, Belarus

Mestnoe Izvestnoe (Local Known) is a trademark developed by Fabula Branding for Green retail chain. The products labelled with it were farm-produced and quickly gained the trust of the customers conscious about healthy nutrition. Due to high demand for the products the customer managed to expand the trading matrix which required a comprehensive packaging solution consistent with the range’s legacy.

The new project emphasizes the craft production of the goods. The logo plate was turned into a brush stroke, but the green colour and a recognizable decorative element – a leaf – were preserved. We also developed a wood pattern that maintains the positioning of the product as eco-friendly and perfect for a healthy diet.

The product range was awarded with Euroleaf and Natural Product markers, and while developing its design we took it into consideration. It was extremely important to make them visible, as they confirm product quality and are valuable for consumers. We solved this problem by adjusting the tone of the lettering to the colours of the markers and meaningful data presentation on each package.

The idea was supported by individual USPs providing information about the properties of each product. The result was a friendly-looking package neatly expressing the nature of the trademark.

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