Wave Wireless SP-1 Smart Earbuds



Design: Nik Miclette
Project Type: Concept
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Packaging Contents: SP-1 Smart Earbuds, Charging Case, USB Cord
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Post consumer recycled content in grayboard, molded fiber trays composed of bagasse, bamboo and wood fiber
Printing Process: Flexography and Foil Stamping

Wave Wireless’s SP-1 Earbuds feature wireless connectivity paired with minimal colorways so your outfit is always on point and your hands are always free. The metallic touch interface allows gesture controls from taking calls to volume management. So if your at the gym, the office, or just kicking back at home you can do so uninterrupted. The packaging reflect’s the minimal design of the earbuds themselves. The front focuses on the unique water droplet inspired touch interface of the product allowing it to stand out on the shelf. The Combination of tinted foil stamping with broad expanses of pure black and white helps inform customer’s and sales associates alike of which colorways are available. The interior of the packaging focuses on the product reveal. The contrast between the reflective charging case and the matte fiber tray creates a focal point for the un-boxing experience.

What’s Unique?
The contrast of pure neutral tones with foil stamped graphic creates a unique identity for the brand while also communicating the most important characteristics of the product itself.