Hatch Design

San Francisco, CA, USA

Agency: Hatch
Design Director: Javier Garcia
Direction: Nicole Flores
Designers: Kelly Wahlstrom, Pear Weerawong
Illustration: Owen Davey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Snacks
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

SmashMallow is a premium snacking marshmallow made with Organic and all-natural ingredients.

We rooted the brand in adventure, each flavor transports you into a world of whimsy. We created new worlds for every flavor, every theme was thought out before designing.

The project consisted of strategy, naming, visual identity, packaging, product photography, marketing and social media assets.

We developed a system for all flavors once we sold the idea to the client with placeholder illustration and the themes in mind. The system consisted of a branding area at the top, a flavor hint color band at the bottom, a marshmallow in the center with product photography to the side of it. The illustrator was then briefed on themes and the system for him to follow. The result is an illustrated horizontal band of whimsical elements that create a strong brand blocking on shelf.