Year of the Pig Calendar

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Design: MANMANTEAM Design Office Inc.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Calendar
Location: Beijing, China

Chinese horoscope “The Year of the Pig” desk calendar 2019

2019 is the year of the pig. “Pig” gives people the impression that they are often “clumsy”, “selfish”, “cowardly”, “not clean”, etc., and are often used as synonymous with some bad things. However, the fact is that some people have done experiments. As a result, the pig’s nose and IQ are more agile than other animals in the same field. There are also many incidents such as “pig rescue master” and “search and rescue pigs”. Pigs also want to roll mud. “cooling down” and “cleaning”…

Our protagonist, Pink Dudu, also has such troubles.

When you feel unintelligible or lack of attention, people tend to imitate those who have their own aura of the protagonist. Hopefully, others will see you better or feel better. However, after all, I am myself, trying to improve or enviously enviously and silently compromise, to be or not to be, is my own problem.

The little pig powder in the story chooses to imitate others from the very beginning, and finally finds that he can be truly recognized. As JK Rowling wrote in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: “It is not your ability to decide who to be, but your choice.” And we, choose to be the best of ourselves.