JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

Design: Jescardiseño
Project Type: Produced
Client: Aligrade México
Location: Guadalajara, México
Packaging Contents: Margarine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle
Printing Process: Flexography

Cremy® line for the Mexican market

Through an exhaustive study, we renewed the Cremy line, gave it a jovial touch and made it more impressive.

Cremy is an original brand from Guatemala, important in the South American market. Its main products are margarines of vegetable origin. A brand redesign was carried out because they wanted to enter the Mexican market with great force.

The first thing we did was analyze in detail the market study that our client had made, there we realized that our main consumer and target audience was the housewife, the woman who has a family, who loves to cook for them and wants to give them only the best; She is the one who has the decision to buy it because she knows them and knows what they will like. He usually buys the product in supermarkets, and although traditional brands are the most trusted, they are willing to buy other products if they are attractive. At the time of purchase it is fixed if it is light, the amount of calories or if they have ingredients that are harmful and if they crave or not.

After having known all the behaviors of our target audience, we took on the task of investigating the competition and how it was seen in supermarkets, see the prevailing colors, shapes, claims, packaging, etc.

Once this was done, we began to work on a concept that met the objectives. We made a very clear packaging design, with colors that would convey joy and incite the purchase, we added claims in a very visible size where we highlighted that our product had no trans fat, was enriched with vitamins and contained less fat. We add a phrase to convey a feeling of joy, we all like to start the day of good, what better than doing it with rich breakfast prepared with margarine. In the center of the packaging we place the product, so that from a first impression there would be no doubt what it was, a fundamental part of good packaging design is knowing how to transmit what the product is.

We created the proposal of the entire extension of the line incorporating Cremy Regular, Light and Con Oliva.