JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

At Jescar Diseño we had the opportunity to develop a new packaging for the Claylal product, a keratin that works to improve the appearance of hair. It was a very interesting project because this product is aimed at a high audience, that is, with a higher than average purchasing power. Keratin has a high cost and is acquired mainly by women.

The brand already had a product on the market, but the main problem is that it did not reflect being a high-level product, nor the quality, nor its cost. That’s why it was necessary to create a refresh. Our creative team carried out an analysis of the previous product, of the problem, and then the new proposal was launched. First, a stronger and more elegant identity change was made, then the packaging was redesigned. It was decided to keep the colors that were used previously, a flower with organic shapes was added to show dynamism and nature. The ingredients with which the keratin is made and the main advantages of the product were placed.

The packaging has white touches, it has a fresh, innovative, innovative and clean look & feel. Some rhombuses were added at the bottom, these will change color depending on the product, so it will be easier to identify the line of keratins, shampoos, dyes, etc. We work on the redesign of around 20 products, the company resides in Mérida, Mexico, and the product is sold mainly in the area, however it also has online sales through different platforms and its website. Once the packaging redesign was launched, sales increased and it was one more of our success stories. You can also be part of our success stories, make your brand grow and transcend with Jescar Diseño.

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