JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

We transform the Oleolab® brand In order to have a functional and attractive brand redesign, the first thing we did was a thorough analysis. We go to the shelf and look for the category of premium oils, we find that there is a varied competition, both in packaging and in design, the predominant colors are green, crimson, black and yellow, in their different shades. The presence of the Avocare and Grapecare brand is minimal. Because it does not have a brand identity, the claims are hardly noticed, they are lost and the product does not stand out on the shelf compared to some of its competitors. Based on this, we carried out research at a national and international level, where we realized that the trend was towards whites, a color that on the label gives us a visual appeal with much more power and greater clarity. It is important to mention that the white color stands out and predominates on the shelves, because these are almost always surrounded by dark tones, so that the white shines denotes cleanliness and quality.

Foreign products tend towards light tones, in which we observe assertive and punctual communication, with very well-defined brand identities and visible claims that support the product. From here we started to create the Oleolab brand architecture, we started with the mother brand of the holding company, Grupo Oleolab and later we continued with the entire Care line, in which we included Avocare, Grapecare, Cococare, Berrycare and Olivecare. We recommend including an isotype for each of the names; in Avocare we put the shape of an avocado, in Grapecare that of a grape and so on.

Similarly, we assign a specific colorimetry for each brand. To give greater clarity and legibility, we decided to use a typeface without skates, together we generated a typographic work in the Care part, joining the letters to give that touch of union, warmth and solidity of our company. We made two proposals, the first allows the company to specify, since they currently have a variety of containers and processes that are difficult to change, so we made a label that will be mounted on the existing containers, we suggest changing the seal on the top adding the corresponding color of each mark. The second and which we believe is the best option to develop, changes from the packaging. We proposed a slim teardrop-shaped container, which has a lid in the brand’s color and a shrink sleeve that is fully printed around the product. With these changes, we seek to position the brand as a leader in its segment, since the proposed elements will generate impact and solidity.