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Zapopan, Jal., México

The Xococux brand arises from the Vivanco company, a company with tradition in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. They created a new line of products in the chocolate and confectionery category, for people of high socioeconomic status who love fine chocolate. They are made from coffee, almonds, cranberries, and raisins with a high-quality chocolate coating.

Our team made the proposal from the naming, we wanted it to be something ancestral, related to the Aztecs, a people who considered cocoa as the food of the gods, that’s how Xocucux was born. The logo was created with a handmade typeface. It projects all this historical and ancestral part. The union of each letter was generated, which gives a perception of the cursive letter, it also means the union and strength of the company. We generate icons that take us back to this historical era to achieve our identity, which manages to transport us to chocolate, has games, and balance, and is very attractive to the consumer.

To create the packaging we also take all these elements into account, the product appears in the foreground, and behind it are the walnut, the coffee, the blueberry, and the raisins, in this way we show in a straightforward way what the product is, and we reinforce it with text, describing the contents of each package. We add very powerful claims such as the delicious flavor made in Mexico. Remember that Mexican cocoa and chocolate is recognized worldwide, it is even considered the gold of Mexico. We also incorporate a texture made up of the brand’s own icons. To identify the flavor of each package we added a colored band to the top and to highlight the brand we did it with a white band.

The product is already on sale and has been widely accepted in the market, but little by little it has managed to position itself. Would you like to make your brand take off? Come with us, our highly creative team will help you create the strategy that your company needs.

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