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Daily care | Cuidado Diario / The trend of “fit” products is on the rise, more and more people are looking for healthy products that take care of their body and their health. They have even become a trend. Faced with this market need, Chocolate Ibarra created: Daily Care | Cuidado Diario.

A line of powdered chocolates with different benefits for the body such as: improving digestion, taking care of the heart and taking care of sugar levels. We took on the task of designing the packaging for these products, we focused on getting to know this market that prefers to take care of itself, and we analyzed their tastes, needs and behaviors. After this research, we decided to use pastel colors, pink, green and blue, colors related to well-being and health.

In addition, these colors project lightness. We add to our designs some valuable elements such as butterflies, flowers and organic shapes, which help transport us to the natural and ecological. As a suggestion of use, we place a glass of chocolate accompanied by the product, chocolate powder, it is the main element because we want the user to know what it is at first sight.

The packaging was made on a coil with a matte touch. The product was launched on the market and was a success, it caught the attention of the user and it was sold out in many points of sale. Our team is proud and happy to help our customers develop new products and create success stories. At Jescar Diseño we work with A, AA and AAA companies, we know their needs and seek to give them personalized strategies that boost their products and sales.

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