JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

NATURAL FIT is a novel product that needs branding and original packaging Currently, “fitness” products have become fashionable, and people seek to take care of their health, in addition, obesity and diabetes are one of the problems that most attack society. We carried out the Natural Fit project, which reaches this public and gives them a healthy option to sweeten food, desserts and drinks. It is a high-level product because it contains more stevia than others.

The aim was to give it a fresh, current and striking image, which would have a high impact on the shelf. A market study was carried out to find out the main claims that should be placed and based on that, the Jescar Diseño team took on the task of investigating and delving into the subject to give a successful proposal. It was decided to use green as the primary color, a green that was warm, fresh and modern. In addition, whites were used to give an image of cleanliness and simplicity. As a suggestion of use we use lemonade and a brownie, thus we cover desserts and drinks, main uses of stevia, both suggestions look attractive and appetizing.

The image of a family was also placed on the back, which included different profiles such as pregnant women, elderly people, and children, among others, to make it known that the product is for everyone. A very important part are the claims, in this case, we use zero calories, suitable for diabetics and for the whole family. In this way, the main benefits are clearly communicated, we also add the certification of the Mexican diabetes association, which gives it a plus and is an important factor for the purchase decision. Different types of packaging were designed: doy pack, can, folding, stick, etc. so that our client had all the possible options and thus saw which ones adapt to the different sales channels. In addition to being able to visualize the line in a general way.

The product managed to position itself in Mexico and Europe, it is a packaging that stands out in sight and communicates its great benefits.