JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

We refresh the Chocolate Ibarra® brand We gave the brand a refresh, giving it a sense of actuality, freshness and modernity. Grupo Chocolate Ibarra is very traditional among Mexicans, with more than 90 years in the market, it is represented by its traditional recipe and the characteristic flavor of authentic Mexican chocolate. Ibarra is family talks, meetings between friends, it means remembering the house of the grandmother or mother. The challenge was to preserve all that history, but at the same time transform it, make it current, so that the product would also be attractive to new generations; and make it remain the favorite. New packaging was worked on. Preserving the existing colors, yellow and red.

The decision was made because different surveys carried out showed us that people preferred the original colors to a new proposal. We modified small details of the logo, increasing its size and highlighting the gold tone. The cup was changed, for a more recent but sought-after one that would continue to look traditional, we added a captivating foam on top, to awaken the senses and invite consumption. A new photograph of the tablet was taken, and we made it more attractive.

As part of our art, we split the tablet so that the details of the chocolate and sugar, the main ingredients, can be seen. Some texts were included and elements were added highlighting the competitive advantages of the product. As part of the strategy, different campaigns were developed, where the intention was always to highlight the quality of the product and what is Mexican.

In the Candelaria campaign, we added a very classic phrase among Mexicans, “The last one and we’re leaving”, because on this date the celebrations of the famous Guadalupe Reyes end. As well as this one, different campaigns were carried out during the year, which were used on social networks, P.O.P materials and internally for the company. Both the packaging, branding and campaigns were done in Spanish and English since the brand is also very present in the United States and Latin America. The response to the work carried out was very successful, it was the result of an in-depth investigation to renew such a typical brand into something new, without losing its essence.