Ibarra Finamente Molido

JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

Change of image, change of packaging, guaranteed success with Jescar Diseño | JD BRANDS “40% of consumer decisions in a first purchase are influenced by the image of the product” Chocolate Ibarra is a traditional brand in Mexico, but in recent years it has been a widely accepted product in the US market.

This project sought to communicate a new line of table chocolate, where it will be represented that it is the same flavor as the bar but finely ground. Our Jescar Diseño team took on the task of carefully analyzing the project, reaching the conclusion that an attractive image was needed for the packaging, with clear, striking and forceful messages. The tablet was digitally retouched creating a crumbling effect, thus showing how the small pieces of the tablet fell into the cup of chocolate.

The colors of the brand were played with and a modern cup was sought to give it that sense of actuality, in addition, chocolate foam was placed to make it look appetizing. Different key messages were used, such as: “easy to prepare”, “same great flavor”, to show the great benefit of this product: that it is very easy to prepare, but retains the same traditional flavor. The claim was included: “Mexican Product”, with traditional lyrics that transport you to that artisanal and cultural part of Mexicans.

The result: 300% more sales on the shelf, a resounding success. An attractive, novel packaging was achieved and the initial objective was communicated. This is why it is important that your product is made by experts, our team has more than 20 years supporting Pymes, national and transnational companies, you can also be one of our success stories.