Design: Site Ma
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maryland Institute College of Art
Course: Independent Study
Tutor: Jennifer Cole Phillips
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Packaging Contents: Pastry Packaging
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Dream Puffs is a branding and packaging project I created for a set of crystal taro pastries with three flavors. Crystal Taro cake is a traditional Taiwanese pastry made with taro.

Brand Positioning: Dream Puffs is a food company featuring in dedicated Asian Pastry targeting the western market. The company is not only about making delicious pastries but also creating a surprising and delightful tasting experience of your daily life.

Packaging: Their main product is the crystal taro puffs with three flavors –– Yam, Matcha, and the original Taro. By using the bright color related to the tastes of three foods and simple typography, the design arouses the audience’s curiosity and imagination. Each package comes with a three-fold leaflet with the illustration of the contents and description of the ingredients.

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What’s Unique?
The blur illustration on the package depicts the shape of the puff without fully telling people what exactly is inside. It invites people to try something surprising and unexpected. When the audience opens the box, they would be surprised with the beautiful pattern of this delicacy and it matches the slogan of the brand “Dreams do comes true.” The structure of the packaging is carefully crafted to present the puff in its best way.