Design: Atipus
Designers: Mar De la Llave / Mariano Fiore
Production management: Eduard Duch
Photography: Javier Suárez
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work. Limited edition
Client: Celler Masroig
Location: Priorat–Catalonia, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Print: 2 inks printed on screen printing + Gold foil
Paper: Velvet white – Avery Dennison

Coinciding with the “slaughter pig” festival (November), the Vi Novell is bottled: the first wine of the harvest. A young and fruity wine that invites you to break your shackles. The label has to exude this fresh, transgressing spirit.

To emphasize the idea of ephemeral wine (limited edition) and fast consumption, each year a new label is proposed. As the festival always revolves around the duality of the pig and the saints, for this edition we propose a sanctified pig.

We looked for an honest image that reflects the ill-mannered and popular personality of the product, which is integrated as a decorative element of the arty by itself. In turn, the dynamism of serial labels creates a bigger impact on the shop shelves.

What’s Unique?
Limited edition: 7.000 bottles. Every year we design a new label. When it is November 11th, people are already waiting for the new label design (the new wine too, of course). With this idea of change and bold design, we have achieved that the wine is known at a local level and to create an expectation around the product. The wine project arises initially to recover a traditional party. Therefore, this is a wine specially produced for this celebration.