Dos de Set: 2 litres of youthful red wine in a bag, conveniently contained within a box, showcasing a delightful and fruity character that makes it incredibly easy to enjoy.

The box holds two litres of the so-called ” Vi de set” in Catalan (vin de soif), or “thirst-quenching wine”. This term captures the essence of smooth wines that are genuine, delightful, and effortlessly enjoyable.

In essence, Dos de Set offers an honest and refined experience for laid-back enjoyment, adding a touch of complexity while maintaining an authentic and delightful character. The name itself, Dos de Set, conveys immediate expression and a warm perception.

The concept is simple yet exudes personality, reflecting the wine it represents – clear, direct, and luminous. The inspiration behind Dos de Set stemmed from a moment at a local celebration in Catalonia, where people come together to build towering human structures called Castells (Castles). Coincidentally, one of these structures shares the same name as the wine, symbolising a triumph over challenges and leading to an extraordinary experience.

Dos de Set’s formula is straightforward, yet it possesses a distinct personality that mirrors the wine’s qualities: clear, direct, and luminous.


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