Nobles i Guillotines (Nobles and Guillotines)



Ancestral Pét-Nat wines (Pétillant-Naturel) are produced naturally without sulfites or additives. This process finishes in the bottle, and its soft bubbles, a product of natural fermentation, turn them into extraordinary wines. Although they are easy to drink, they’re hard to produce.

Based on this historical method and seeking a broader audience for Pét-Nats, we decided to distance ourselves from stereotypes, rituals, and classic ideas associated with the classical universe of this alcoholic drink.

Looking for a balance between the traditional and the modern, we came up with a satire of wines and cavas named around aristocratic titles to show prestige and ostentation.

With the idea of ​​overthrowing the established, we looked back to the French Revolution as the most emblematic empowerment of people against power. Following this example is that we ended up cutting off royal heads.

Consequently, the relevance of our proposal falls on the typographic treatment and a cut that crosses the label, complemented with references to other times, giving them a new meaning.

Besides referencing the guillotine, slashing our label design worked as a physical and metaphoric representation of breaking with the established. With an extreme deformation of a classic and elegant typography and, by dispensing hierarchies on the texts, we fleed from correction and reinforced its contemporary and provocative character.

The combination of elements results in a new visual language, leaning towards an unapologetic and optimistic attitude that invites people to discover new ways of enjoying a refreshing wine.


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Creative Direction: Atipus
Photography: Félix Ruiz