Wine52, the UK’s largest wine discovery club, approached Atipus and four other studios from Spain, to create a collection of wines from the D.O. La Mancha distributed to the Anglo-Saxon market.

They had to work on its naming and the graphic universe. The wine they got to design was a Verdejo, one of the great Spanish grape varieties, with citrus notes and stone fruits.

Since this edition was dedicated to exploring the vineyards of independent winemakers from Castilla, both the client and their team intended to stay close to the original story, however, they really wanted to put their own spin on it.

From the beginning, they knew its name was one of the most critical design decisions. Accordingly, working on it, they looked back at expressions and characteristic words from that area.

After looking at many possibilities, the word Mejunje had a distinctive phonetic from La Mancha, and it appealed directly to a product, as it refers to a homemade preparation of many ingredients.

For its visual identity, they wanted to reference the typical neckerchiefs worn by women in traditional costumes, combined with the aesthetics of the typographical posters of bullfights.

The result was like a bullfighting poster in the form of a Castilian neckerchief, with a fun and provocative part, whose topics were reinterpreted and updated to present a light and easy-to-drink Verdejo wine.


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