Celler Masroig stands as a key player in the Montsant Designation of Origin, and in 2022, it launched its highly anticipated Vi Novell, celebrating the bountiful fruits of the first harvest and the beginning of a new vintage. Over the years, its presentation and accompanying festivities have become eagerly awaited events, not only in the region but also across Catalonia’s wine industry.

As the very first wine of the harvest, Vi Novell undergoes a yearly transformation, both in concept and design. For many years, at the studio, we’ve been in charge of its concept and design, and this journey has allowed us vast creative freedom and the chance to create limited series. Accordingly, during 13 installments, we’ve aimed to reinforce the enduring tradition of this wine, finding new meanings and visual proposals.

This time around, our focus was to highlight what sets Vi Novell apart and makes it genuinely exceptional. We wanted to highlight that Vi Novell is not just about the wine itself; it’s about the entire experience that surrounds it: the vibrant celebrations, the food, the unique spirit of El Masroig (its town of origin), and the people who turn it into a genuine embodiment of all that.

In this edition, the wine becomes both an accomplice and a spectator of its own celebration.

With Vi Novell, Celler Masroig has established its position as an industry benchmark, improved brand perception, and gained access to new markets. Beyond design, we have strengthened an entire tradition, enhancing the winery’s features and establishing a bold, consolidated, and exceptional product trajectory.

Creative Direction: Atipus


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