Batti Batti 2022



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Rosé is a variety closely related to the summer in France and has been one of the most anticipated by its audience. Accordingly, their goal for the 2022 edition of Batti Batti was to create a top-notch product that would surprise and help them capture a new public this season.

From the beginning, our purpose was to design more than a label and create an identity that could evolve each edition and make recognizable some of the wine’s elements.

With the idea of creating the image of a fun, trendy, and easy-to-drink wine, we sought to reflect the spirit of summer, enhancing it with a modern and current approach to give it an urban appearance that would distinguish it.

Putting the focus on its name -a Provençal expression that alludes to the heartbeat when meeting someone again-we thought of the meeting of summer as a perfect excuse to match this wine.

From its first edition, we established parameters that would bring together upcoming editions. Thus, the two words that make up its name are positioned face to face, giving visual rhythm to a round label that contains each year’s designs.

For the 2022 edition, we opted for a gradient reminiscent of sunrises and sunsets in summer combined with a typography that recalls classic French wines that adds balance and an unexpected twist to the proposal.

With this edition, we managed to surprise its current public and involve new followers into the universe of rosé wine with a modern identity, that honors its legacy and makes summer beat with its fresh spirit.