Dig studio

Agency: Design Bureau Izvorka Juric
Creative And Art Direction, Design, Illustration: Izvorka Juric
Verbal Communication: Igor Poturic
Illustration, Brand Animation, Product Photography: Stela Kovacic
Brand Animation: Jurica Kos
Photography: Maja Danica Pecanic
Project Type: Produced
Client: Medelto d.o.o.
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Toothpaste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, cardboard
Printing Process: Flexography, Offset printing

ZOOBZONE is a new brand of innovative product line of toothpaste. These natural and functional toothpastes are made from biologically acceptable and non-toxic ingredients with interesting and refreshing flavors for children and adults.

Toothpaste Zoobzone was created as a result of several years of research by leading experts from Croatia. Active ingredients, which are key to dental efficacy, are far more present in these products than they are now with other products on the market. Recipes of these functional pastes are made from completely natural ingredients and plants that have healing or protective properties.

The line consists of 7 dental aids for adults and 3 for children or 10 functional products, each toothpaste solving some of the oral cavity problems (eg, gum problems, teeth sensitivity, dry mouth, etc.) or is intended for a target a group of specific needs (pregnant women, children up to 3 years, teens, etc.).

The task is to make communication of products equally known for their expertise, naturalness, use refreshment, and accessibility (friendly approach) and to visually connect the adult’s product line with children’s product line.

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ZOOBZONE branding is a comprehensive project that involves the development of creative strategies, names and verbal communication, brand design and identity of products, and packaging and promotional materials.

The name is a combination of metaphorical (symbolic) and direct elements related to the dental theme (anatomical names). The dynamic solution, which at the same time clearly communicates the area (dental health) and the desired emotions and values. Sufficiently playable for the segment of the child’s product line, but at the same time skilled enough for the adult’s line.

The name is based on the English transcription of the ZUB – Croatian word for tooth, linked to the ENG vocabulary ZONE that communicates the active effect to the entire dental zone. In literal meaning: “what is for the tooth, and to the whole cavity”.

The slogan communicates a different approach to prevention and dental treatment, based on its own innovative functional recipe, rather than copying the existing recipes on the market.

Brand design and product identity put the product’s dynamic and active action in the foreground, as well as its functional effect through complex ingredient recipes and flavors that sparkle by refining the tooth zone.

There are two important components related to dental hygiene and oral cavity health: toothpaste ingredients and brushing methods. Main identity illustrations on the packaging are painted with a toothbrush. The toothbrush paintings directly communicate the importance of brushing, while the rich color scale of each individual toothpaste illustrates the importance and richness of the ingredients in the recipe.