HAJOK Design

Mühlenkamp, Hamburg, Deutschland

Design: HAJOK Design
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bold Foods
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Burgers made of insect protein
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Corporate brand development for Bold Foods and packaging design for burgers made of insect protein

Mindful, bold and bright: These core values of the new Bold Foods brand reflect the sustainable, innovative philosophy of the start-up. The job was to give a name, a voice and a memorable look to a strong idea. After naming, values, positioning and tonality were created, the task was to design the packaging for three burger patty variants that contain insect protein, giving the product the most appetizing and strong-selling appearance possible.

Are insect burgers really that delicious? Yes, they are. The HAJOK team was not only wowed by the taste of the burgers, but also the philosophy of the Bremen start-up, with its two founders who are bold pioneers with innovative ideas. It was a pleasure for HAJOK to offer Bold Foods a comprehensive strategic and creative service. The starting point was the overall brand and name development of the company and the aim of achieving a bold, eye-catching packaging design.

The key ingredient of ground Buffalo worms is not only rich in proteins, this so-called novel food is also sustainable and resource-friendly, because insects need much less space, animal feed and water than conventional livestock. These benefits also had to be reflected in the packaging design. The challenge was to make the design succeed in the burger category, even if the main ingredient sounds unusual at first. In addition, the positioning of Bold Foods had to be communicated by the packaging design – bold, different and reflecting more sustainable consumer needs.

HAJOK Design developed brand values, brand and variant names, positioning and the logo. For the packaging design, they staged the burger patties, designed packaging details and wrote on-pack copy. Both the brand name Bold Foods and the design communicate an innovative product and a courageous brand that works for the environment and gives us a taste of the future today. HAJOK Design has created high shelf impact with strong colours, clarity and bold letters. Instead of an eco-image, a self-confident, functional and modern design ensures the so-called “stop-moment” in the supermarket.