Design: Backbone Branding
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Project Manager: Meri Sargsyan
Designer: Stepan Azaryan, Eliza Malkhasyan
Illustrator: Elina Barsegyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Preserved fruits and berry

The Brief:
A local manufacturer and farming enthusiast approached us with a project to create a new brand for preserved fruits and berry products. Considering the intense competition in the preserved fruits segment, we had to establish a unique proposition for the market. The producer had developed a new formula of fruit preservation and also had harvested the products from specially selected orchards. To differentiate its products from its competitors, the manufacturer decided to use more natural ingredients in his recipes with a higher ratio of fruits and berries in the jar. Our goal was to express these advantages in the brand concept and design.

The Solution:
By studying numerous ways of illustrating fruit and label designs, we identified that many brands use a quarter or half of the jar surface to illustrate fruits and present the brand message. During our research and brainstorming about how best to convey the high ratio of fruits and berries in the jar, we came up with a simple solution: wrap the whole jar with fruit peel. Looking at the fruit in the orchard or in a supermarket, we are drawn towards those fruits that are ripe and have an attractive look. It is the best packaging design. So, we decided to transfer the same appetizing fruit peel concept onto a jar. Technically, it was possible to achieve by using a shrink sleeve label. It allowed the design to cover nearly the whole surface of a jar leaving the bottom of the jar transparent to make the product visible.

The Result:​​​​​​​
The packaging is significantly different from the popular mass-market packaging designs for preserved food. It guarantees a distinctive visual impact on the shelf and solves two problems that any manufacturer has as a new player in the market. Firstly, with its design and colorful appearance, the product stands out on a shelf of similar products. Secondly, the fruit peel design resonates with the product’s natural essence and perfectly communicates the core of the product.

The perforated part on top allows customers to open the jar without destroying the whole packaging. The colored logo on the black lid is colored with the corresponding flavor of the product in the jar. The logo is placed on the shrink label in the well-known banana sticker style, which is stuck directly on the fruit, just like on Boon Bariq.

The name captures the packaging concept as well. In the Armenian language the word Bariq means “gift” and boon means “true” or “exact”, so the brand name is a “True Gift” or, in the agricultural context, “a gift of nature”.