Happy Hour | Alcohol gelato



Design: HeadMade Design & Co.
Project Type: Produced
Client: Da Vinci
Location: Joinville, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Gelato, sorbetto
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Cup
Printing Process: Flexography

Happy Hour is a frozen dessert line with 5% alcohol available in major Canadian cities.

For this product was developed logo and packaging taking into consideration your positioning and target audience. The logo is based on a modern and geometric typography, with two letters of the name forming symbols that illustrate the concept of the product.

The “Y” forms a drinking glass – referring to the presence of alcohol in its composition, while the “O” has a connection with the moon, which indicates the issue of the product being used at parties and evening gatherings. In this way, it is a logo that goes beyond its application on the packaging, and which can be used in promotional materials like T-shirts, glasses and other accessories.

For packaging, the emphasis is on the connection between gelato and beverages, making clear the presence of the alcoholic beverage in the composition of the product.

Each flavor gains its own main color in order to facilitate the differentiation between different flavors. In addition, the fruit corresponding to each flavor appears as an ornament. The background image refers to the nightlife, promoting an immediate identification with the target audience.