La Pettegola limited edition 2019 by Ale Giorgini

Publifarm S.p.A. Società Benefit

Viale Giulio Cesare, 20, 24123 Bergamo BG, Italia

Agency: Publifarm
Illustrator: Ale Giorgini
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Banfi
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic sleeve

Produced by the famous Banfi winery of Montalcino, La Pettegola (The Gossip Girl) is a vermentino which since 2013, has been colouring the world of wine with a dash of pink. This year, in order to make it even more recognisable on the wine market, we have launched a 2019 limited edition, so that all wine lovers can enjoy its beautiful silhouette in the new and artistic bottle sleeve.

The Bottle Sleeve
Ale Giorgini is the artist who imagined and created the illustration for 2019 La Pettegola Limited Edition. The artwork tells the setting of a perfect aperitif through a pink monochrome mood and a complex braiding of geometric shapes and lines. Every sip of La Pettegola, a Vermentino loved by women (but not only…), always makes an evening in the Tuscan hills more carefree. The sound of chats and the tinkle of toasts seem to come to life beyond the two-dimensionality of the illustration, becoming real. The observer feels so pleasantly involved in the party atmosphere that he can’t wait to taste a glass of La Pettegola.

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The bottle sleeve brings to life a story that takes the connoisseur onto a journey of experience.

They are arrived. In their elegant summer clothes, they parade one by one in an endless runway show. Their favorite accessory is a glass of La Pettegola, that they easily show off. The dress code of the evening is the pink, that is also observed by the uniform of the helpful waiters and the setting of outdoor tables. The tweeter of the chat is a symphony, soundtrack of this happy occasion. Everywhere it resounds:
“A glass of La Pettegola, thank you!”

And while the glasses are getting empty at the unstoppable rhythm of the toasting, the stars are filling up the sky. A little bird observes the scene, before flying away carrying with itself the memory of this night in the Tuscan countryside.

The Design And Banfi: When The Wine Meets Art
The research of the beauty is connected to Banfi history since its foundation, when in 1978 the brothers John and Harry Mariani saw for the first time the wonderful estate in Montalcino and they fell in love with the rolling Tuscan hills, with its vineyards and its grapes. Charm and elegance can be found today in Banfi wines as a promise of their bouquet and unique aromatic notes, in a balance which almost extend until the art. The aesthetics has brought Banfi closer to design in a partnership that becomes stronger from year to year, thanks to cooperation with popular international artists and designers, exhibitions and vernissages.

The Artist: Ale Giorgini
“I started drawing when I was a child and I never quit. Today I work as an illustrator for several brands, publisher and agencies in areas such as advertising, publishing, entertainment, social contents, books and comics. I teach illustration at IED (European Design Institute in Turin), Scuola Internazionale di Comics (Padua) and IDEA Academy (Rome). I’m art director at Illustri Festival an international biennial illustration exhibition taking place in Vicenza (Italy). In 2017 I’ve founded Magnifico Illustrators Agency. ” by Ale Giorgini.

The Wine: La Pettegola
La Pettegola is a pale yellow Vermentino. Aromas are fruity and very intense, with strong hints of citrus and yellow peach, but there are also floral and sage notes. The structure is full and energized by a rich acidity that gives freshness and length. The finish of the mouth is very persistent and fruity.

What’s Unique?
The concept is original and the artistic expression is a little masterpiece of geometries and pink color.