La Pettegola Limited Edition 2022 by Van Orton

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In 2022, the Limited Edition of La Pettegola will be personalized by a special “sleeve” created by the famous couple of artists formed by the Van Orton twins. The most typical elements of the Tuscan countryside – rolling hills, grapes, sunsets – meet two specimens of “redshank”, “pettegola” in Italian, the bird that gives its name to the Vermentino wine produced by Banfi. The graphic style of the Van Orton, an unmistakable mix of fluorescent colors, pop shapes and geometries, transforms the bottle into a unique and vibrant work of art. The label was also transformed into a 3D animation that can be enjoyed through the Banfi Experience augmented reality app. The limited edition of the bottle was also paired with a music playlist on Spotify selected by the artists. 


The protagonist of the artwork is a little bird, the “pettegola”. The artists imagined it as the main character of a colorful and somewhat psychedelic video game, like the ones they spent their hours with as children. The pettegola moves in a stylized Tuscan landscape, among hills, flowers, bunches of grapes, bicycles, incandescent sunsets, bringing lightheartedness and joy wherever it goes. A label full of life and joy, an actual micro-world in a bottle.

Banfi and design: when the wine meets art

The pursuit of beauty has been linked with the history of Banfi since its foundation in 1978, when brothers John and Harry Mariani visited the lovely Montalcino estate for the first time and fell in love with the rolling Tuscan hills, its vineyards and the colors of its bunches. Today Banfi wines are full of charm and elegance as a promise of their unique bouquet and aromatic notes, so perfectly balanced like a work of art. Aesthetics has brought Banfi closer to design in a partnership that becomes stronger every year, thanks to collaborations with internationally renowned artists and designers, exhibitions and vernissages.

The artists: Van Orton

The Van Ortons, a pair of twin artists born in 1983, live and work in Turin. Their aesthetics is influenced by pop culture, in particular the graphic and cinematographic one of the 80s and 90s, which they associate with the style of the windows of Gothic churches, creating a unique and immediately recognizable mix. After the first years as graphic designers in a communication agency, their reinterpretations of some icons of the 80’s cinema allow the Van Ortons to get noticed quickly and collaborate with brands such as Marvel, Armani, Microsoft, Barilla, Mercedes- Benz, Warner-Bros, Ray-Ban and many others, as well as with musicians such as Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Jovanotti. Their artworks have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan.

The wine: La Pettegola

La Pettegola is a pale yellow Vermentino. The aromas are fruity and very intense, with strong hints of citrus and yellow peach, but there are also floral and sage notes. The structure is full and the rich acidity gives freshness and length. The finish is very persistent and fruity.

What’s Unique? Using the Banfi Experience App (free download on AppStore and GooglePlay) it is possible to literally give life to the label.

The user can enjoy a surprising experience of augmented reality in 3D just framing the label with a smartphone, in order to watch the figures coming to to life.

As in a video game, the user can interact with some of the 3D elements that appear on the screen of their smartphone, with a simple “tap”.

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