Design: Julia Viazankova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Milkshake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Plastic
Printing Process: Offset

Buying a milkshake in the store, the consumer should be satisfied with the combination of tastes that producers offer them.

Package of milk cocktail «Lactobar» allows the consumer to make cocktail by themselves.

Coffee milkshake «Lactobar» consists of three ingredients: coffee, milk and syrups at option. There are three syrups: vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

All ingredients of the cocktail are connected through covers. In order to mix syrup, milk and coffee, it is enough to put in a pipe that will rupture the membranes between packages. The higher density of syrup and milk at the top of the package allows the ingredients to be evenly distributed.

Laconic design provides an opportunity to evaluate the structure of the package and emphasizes the naturalness of the product. The color of the packages is conductive to visual transfer of taste sensations after the drink.