Athens, Greece

Design: Caparo design crew
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Physis Laboratory
Label production: Alpha labels
Photos Konstantinos Gikas
Packaging Contents: Skincare – creams
Packaging Substrate / Materials: PP label
Printing Process: Silk printing, Foil stamping

A sophisticated yet friendly line up of products. Each code consists of a fusion of ingredients and the common ingredient throughout the range is olive oil. The silk printing and foil stamping give an extra layering to the illustrations and typography and the end result is an interesting surface on the label which adds premium value to the packaging experience.

The products are placed at the pharmacy’s boutique store, online at their e-shop, and at selected stores in Greece. The B&W typography and the austere, laboratory look & feel is balanced by friendly colorful visuals reflecting the key ingredients of the product. This combination creates a balanced final look.

What’s Unique?
The brand’s look & feel is a sophisticated, minimalistic and pharmaceutical style. This range gives a new touch to the brand with color and illustration. The special printing production with Silk printing gives a very special result on the labels. A premium product on the look with a rather affordable price.