AIA Aequilibrium


Design: NEOM
Creative Director: Giacomo Stefanelli
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: AIA – Agricola Italiana Alimentare
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Chicken Ham and Salami slices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Background: Aequilibrium is a brand name belonging to AIA, a company which is part of the Veronesi Holding group, an Italian food business with a turnover of more than 2.9 billion € in 2017. Aequilibrium was founded in 2005 and was the first line of sliced meats dedicated to «well-being», combining the flavour of sliced cold cuts with the leanness of white meats. Over time this market positioning has evolved and the purely health-bringing aspect has been abandoned in order to emphasize that of flavour.

The poultry sliced meat sector now accounts for a third of the market, of which Aequilibrium holds around 40%.

Strategy: The aim of the project was to develop the identity of the brand and the product range in line with its new positioning, thereby firmly establishing its position as sector leader with authority and conviction.

The project: The new Aequilibrium brand created by NEOM is freed from all but those elements strictly necessary for the communication of its brand positioning. The key visual of the fork holding a curled-up slice of meat and a tasty host food to accompany the appetite appeal clearly maintains the focus of the central concept of “equilibrium”. In fact, it is this equilibrium – closely related to the brand name – between leanness and taste that defines the distinctive character of the brand. As always, the resulting layout is created to define spaces and precise hierarchies for each communication element: key visual, brand, product name, and claims. This is all achieved in a clear, organised fashion, in order to render the contact and communication with the public easier and more accessible.

What’s Unique?
The Key visual that clearly express the brand positioning and the appetising of the product in une unique moment. The rest remaing clear and simple in order to well communicate all the product benefit and messages. The layout also allow great visibility of the product inside.