Agency: NEOM
Creative Director: Giacomo Stefanelli
Illustrator: Annalisa e Marina Durante
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bertolini & Figli
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Mandorlato Cake (made with almonds, honey and white egg)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton Box
Printing Process: Roto

The project stems from the company’s need to enter the FMCG with a new brand, different from the company’s historical one in order not to create a conflict with the Horeca channel. Objective of the project: to create a new brand starting from the concept of the product, the almond cake, a typical dessert of north-eastern Italy. The name AMANDOLA has been created to recall the definition of product but at the same time be more fragrant, soft and lovable.

The blue box recall the sweetness and the naturalness, important values that can occur in the ingredients list: 75% of almonds and then to follow honey, egg white and a little sugar.

The packaging of the cake is designed specifically for the product and provides two main features:

  1. The drawer opening, to discover the dessert slowly and present it inside a tray;
  2. A small window that allows you to see the content sufficiently to understand its nature; deliberately the window is not bigger to try to have more visibility on the shelf.

The name AMANDOLA is made with the embossing shape on the natural white color of the Fedrigoni Free Vellum 320gr paper. The hot gold frame emphasizes, frames, the name and the heart of the package and fits with the illustration of the rich almond branches, masterfully made by the sisters Marina and Annalisa Durante to give naturalness and freshness. The leaves deliberately give the impression of being moved by the wind to give a greater sense of vitality.

What’s Unique?
The product: unique for its level of quality. Hand made with the best ingredient and prepared following the best criteria in order to obtain the best taste results.

The packaging has been produced with a high quality with paper from Fedrigoni (Free Velluum 320gr) and printed with Bramucci, one of the most quality printer in Luxury pack. Enbossing and gold hot foil have been used to make the premium perception higher