ABC Design Communication

Συνταγματάρχου Δαβάκη 15, Πεύκη 151 21, Ελλάδα

Agency: ABC Design Communication
Location: Greece
Client: Frezyderm
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Insect repellent products
Packaging Substrate / Material: Carton box, Plastic tube, Paper label
Printing Process: Offset printing
Product launch location: Global

Crilen, Frezyderms’ insect repellent product range is visually refreshed, based on the color palette of the previous image.

Trying to give the sense of insect’s bite to the skin, we studied new printing technologies and design forms. The special texture on the packaging was achieved thanks to an innovative multilevel emboss technique. So, touching the box, the consumer has the impression of the injured skin, except from the crilen logo area, where the soft and flat texture gives the sense of the protected skin that is provided by the product.