Creative Agency: Entwurf
Print: Henry Seeley
Paper: Fedrigoni UK LTD 
Laser Cutting: Swordfish Works LTD 
Book Binding: Manuel Mazzotti 
Product: Aspects of Music
Location: London
Project Type: Self-promotion + Commercial
Packaging Contents: Screen printed artworks
Packaging substrate/materials: Cairn 700 micron recycled board (Storm), Fedrigoni Sirio Black 380gsm
Printing Process: Screen printed – (hand finish), Debossing Title text – (hand finish)

Aspects of Music is a self-initiated project which our studio has been working on over the last few months, which visually explores the 6 separable ways of analysing sound; Pitch, Duration, Loudness, Timbre, Sonic Texture and Spatial Location.

The project culminated in the creation of a limited edition 12″ gatefold case which contains 6 individual artworks, one for each of the aspects. Alongside this we also created a Poster Series, Custom Slipmats and Custom Design T-shirt built around the visual assets formed from the project. One of the core objectives to the project was keeping the design, development and production processes close to home, working alongside a handful of talented collaborators with a precision for detail and high-end hand made finish. This project throughout has been a real labour of love, which is a story we would like to share.

What’s Unique?
The packaging mimics the shape and form of an LP gatefold record case. The inside has been cut with a circular viewing window to allow the artworks inside to be made visible once opened.