OAK Scottish Tradition Whiskey

WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Design: WIN Creating Images
Location: Germany
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: 20 year-old, in oak barrels matured whisky. Bottled in Scotland.
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Reused amber glass bottle with a cork cover, taken from a pharmacist house
Printing Process: Screen printing with different finishes and label application

OAK is a highly complex limited-edition whisky originating from the Scottish Highlands. The main flavour character is the result of 20 years of ripening and barrel-aging; a lightly smoky note complements the perfect flavour profile.

You may think that a class whisky like this one would be presented in a very traditional fashion. Way off. We are breaking the category codes and are going minimal and urban, speaking to an audience that will appreciate the contemporary look and feel. It’s a complete journey from the faraway Scottish Highlands to the vibrant city of London.

What’s Unique?
The metaphorical contrast of Scottish traditional handcraft with an up-to-date modern, very forward design.