Agency: B&H
Designer: Ekaterina Chetverikova
3D: Artem Egorov
Creative copywriter: Anastasia Akimenko
Art director: Fedor Polyakov
Manager: Alexey Sudakov
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: OJSC “Sarapulsky Distillery”
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper, Metal

Vodka Taiga is the flagship of the OJSC “Sarapulsky Distillery”. Consumer needs have changed significantly over the years of the brand’s life. The purpose of the rebranding Taiga was rethinking the ideology of the brand to meet customer needs.

The developed brand positioning concept is based on the archetypes of “Nature”, “Ecology” and “Cleanliness”. The ideological basis of the concept includes the archetypes of “Masculinity”, “Strength of Character.” The idea of the concept uses the values of self-realization of the consumer, a real man with a strong character, ready to destroy any social and physical barriers. He knows how to conquer wild conditions.

The idea of the brand takes the consumer to the taiga forest, triggers emotions from a meeting with the wild, offers to show their true masculine qualities, that is, to show themselves to be a real man. The concept presents Taiga vodka to the consumer as a reward for his daily efforts and experienced feelings of fatigue. Taiga is an integral attribute of camping life and leisure in the forest, to which the buyer is used. The developed ideology of the brand is based on consumer knowledge about the benefits of spring water, the healing properties of plants and the fact that typical representatives of the brand’s target audience love their native nature and are used to spending leisure time in the countryside.

As part of the development of the concept of positioning, the brand slogan was developed. It reflects the values of the ideology of the brand and sounds like “Conquer the taiga”.