Gütermann Threads – Extra Strong

Lesha Limonov

Design: Lesha Limonov / Yushkouski
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Threads of Polyester
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Gütermann is a large German company engaged in the production of threads, yarn, and sewing accessories. One of the leaders in the global textile industry.

Product Description:
Extra Strong Threads of Polyester. A long-fiber spun thread with a special surface treatment of 100% polyester fiber with ideal technological properties, which has a high breaking load and friction resistance (provides a very strong seam) and has good temperature stability due to heat-reflecting preparation. This type of sewing thread is mainly intended for products requiring increased strength. It is used in the automotive industry, furniture industry, footwear industry, clothing, etc. It is resistant to dry cleaning, pollution, prolonged humidity.

The main properties of polyester threads are their high strength, wear resistance, decorative appearance. Such threads withstand any load and in structure, they are very similar to a cable. We decided to express the properties of the thread through a metaphor, namely to show high strength and decorative appearance. There was an idea to make a package in the form of a Jeep, in the bumper of which a rescue winch cable is integrated. This is also a direct sending of threads, which are also used in auto-tuning. Using the image of a Jeep, we were able to emotionally strengthen, exaggerate the properties of the product and highlight it in a bright form.

The paper packaging simulates the shape of an SUV in the bumper of which a thread spool is integrated. The color scheme of threads repeats the color of the car. The color identifier for the item is the color of the car body. Thus, it is easy to choose a particular color. The illustration is made in the style of linear graphics. A homogeneous line, like a thread, draws the silhouette and details of a car.

The packaging is easy to open, for this, it is necessary to unfasten the valves with OPEN inscriptions on the backside and the design becomes collapsible. The spool of thread can be stored and used in packaging, just pull the tip of the thread and the spool will begin to rotate like a winch of an SUV. Inside the cardboard bumper, there is a care instruction in the form of icons. On the back of the cardboard car there is a description of the product properties, color number, barcode, and basic characteristics according to the type of use of these threads.

Layout on the shelf:
The design allows you to put the package vertically, horizontally and hang it on the bracket.