Easter Art. Heat Shrink Wrap for Easter eggs

Lesha Limonov

Design: Lesha Limonov / Yushkouski
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Produced
Client: Rijksmuseum
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Heat Shrink stickers for decorating Easter eggs
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Heat Shrink Wrap, Cardboard

The idea is simple. Like this egg.

Every April the Christian world is immersed in the celebration of the biggest holiday – Easter. Believers around the world engage in Easter rituals, honoring centuries-old traditions such as coloring eggs.

We came up with a way to make the Easter symbol a masterpiece. Combining the delightful Delft patterns created by Dutch masters along with the perfect form created by nature. The texture of the tile and the shell of the egg visually overlap thereby making the egg look impressive. Elegant and concise.

To create souvenir products for the museum, we were inspired by the plaques that were part of the wall decoration in the Water Gallery at Hampton Court Palace. “Two plaques from a column”, De Grieksche A, after Adrianus Kocx, c. 1690

A set of egg sleeves is packaged into a black paper envelope and cut into the shape of an egg. In order to decorate an egg, just put the sleeve on it and put it in boiling water for a few seconds and watch the magic happen! Your egg will turn into a masterpiece.