Winefields wine

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Design: the Labelmaker
Printer: Rotoprint
Paper: Arconvert
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chateau Sungurlare
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Silk foil, raised varnish

The Project
Winefields is an emotional and romantic wine brand that I created for Chateau Sungurlare. The inspiration for the whole project came from a single painting made by my daughter Boryana when she was only 8. It was so colorful, naive and charming that I decided to use its idea for this new wine range.

The Challenge
Brand creation is always a very interesting, difficult and challenging project. The good thing is that you start from scratch and you have countless options and ideas to work on. When I started this project I created two more other brands and designs for them but Winefields really stood out. I used my daughter’s painting because I was deeply impressed by how colorful and live it was yet I found it very bold and meaningful though it came out from the hands of an 8-years-old kid. I grabbed these color flower spots and transformed them into wine glass blossoms. Then I decided to use a different color scheme for each of the wines in the range and this is how I finally got 5 different labels.

The Execution
Bottle – I was looking for a classy burgundy bottle. Like many other times, I picked one of my favorite Saverglass bottle, the Agape. This bottle is so nice and classy that it often gives answers to all my design questions and needs.
Sealing – We used classic cork sealing with tin capsules all printed in light gold color with embossed Chateau Sungurlare logo on the top.
Paper – Winefields needed special paper to enhance the emotions in this new wine brand. I picked Jade Raster paper by Arconvert because I found it as the best canvas for my artwork.
Print – I love to play with print extras and this project made no exception. I designed this label with a clear idea that I would use both gold silk foil and transparent raised varnish. I combined these two processes in one image because I want to make it very attractive and irresistible to the audience.

The Result
Winefields started from an inspiration for my daughter’s painting and I did my best to preserve her colorful charming message in this new label design. I was aiming to create an easy-to-remember meaningful brand with a romantic compelling wine label design. The wines are very classy and elegant and I believe that my brand concept and label design somehow a true reflection of their character to the wine connoisseurs.