Derrick Lin


Design: Nihali Chheda
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ecole Intuit Lab
Packaging Contents: Condom
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Thick Cardboard Paper

To come up with a brand for any product, I chose condom. I wanted to show that sex is about fun and people should explore new things, Hence I named my brand “XPLOR”

I used sex positions to position my brand differently and wanted the whole experience to be fun and trippy because sex is a very different high you feel if you do it the right way. I created trippy sex positions using the objects after which they are named for example candle, dolphin, pretzel, etc and they will be placed on the condom packet inside the box. Every design is black with color on it because people are very secretive about sex however the experience is very colorful.

For promotion is created a packaging especially for Navratri festival (most sex happens during Navratri festival) with a 9-day challenge and sale of 20% on it. The box will have 9 packets of condoms, one for each day with different sex positions on each packet. The packaging is inspired by Bandhani (Popular dress code for the festival).

What’s Unique?
The unique part here is that through this brand and its packaging I want people to know that sex is all about fun and that you should do it the right way. I made use or Kamasutra and put forward a few sex positions that people could try while having sex. It’s a different high you feel if you do it the right way, which is why I made everything look trippy and used neon and poppy colors to make it fun.