Love Apricot

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Agency: Pica Packaging Design Lab
Designer: Shuwei Qi
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: HongFanYouNong
Packaging Contents: Apricot juice

Love Apricot is an apricot juice with 50% fruit content. It attracts consumers with its bright color palette and eye-catching display, which express its sweet-sour taste, as well as its capability to ease men from greasy foods.

The brand endeavors to develop featured agricultural products, and it has a competitive advantage in gathering raw materials in Northwest China. The idea started with the taste of apricot, developed with its shape and color, then came out with the illustration of the beautiful apricot farm. (We give special thanks to Artist Janine Rewell who contributes to this beautiful illustration.) By unveiling the mysterious countryside scenery of the Xinjiang Region, the illustration gives consumers a direct impression that the brand selects materials right from the field, inferring that the product is healthy and natural.

Z generations have more consumption choices than their parents. Simply a juice is not so attractive among these young people. Considering the new marketing battlefields like mobile and internet, Pica Lab distilled the emotional resonance from juice’s sweet-sour taste to build its unique selling proposition – the refreshing feeling. The word “Greasy” (t) has a “not interested” meaning in China, and the juice eases men from greasy feeling, recalls their curiosity at the same time. The packaging expresses the juice’s taste by using contrast colors.

In the pastoral idyll, the layout illustrates, a few warm yellow apricots embellish in the cyan woods, indicating the contrast and balance of sweet and sour, and the cold tone of the background accentuates white apricot flowers to be purer and more romantic. Pica Lab also recommended a cost-effective printing technique, to lower the cost of tin cans, which result in a more