Derrick Lin


Design: Maggie Wu
Location: Australia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Flavoured Sparkling Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

Fiezo introduces its brand new range of naturally essenced sparkling waters to the Australian market. Each flavour is produced from a combination of one tropical fruit plus its complementary pairing. Blending these unique fruity choices together, Fiezo will get you completely mesmerised by its sheer freshness and let you experience a delightful harmony of taste.

The brand positions their product as an affordable healthy drink for those who want to pull themselves out of thirst and immerse in a fizzy moment even on the move. The packaging has to differentiate itself from that of the competitors, giving a refreshing and distinctive appearance.

To translate the idea “a harmonious blend of taste” graphically, a set of illustrations with quirky characters, bold colours and playful interpretations of fruits as instruments were developed and incorporated into the design. Each “scene” is descriptive of its flavours in different settings, referencing how they produce the feeling or sound of harmony. The aim is to have the consumers visualise and experience the upbeat mood, lightheartedness or soothing quality that the product has to offer.

What’s Unique?
Having each piece of the illustrations animated, it showcases in a more lively manner how the characters interact with the fruits and their surroundings, giving the product extra playfulness and fun. The overall design stands apart from other existing similar products, allowing the brand to have its unique characteristics.