Locking Fresh Bird’s Nest Soup


Agency: Pica Packaging Design Lab.
Pica Team: Shuwei Qi
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: 好想你
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Bird’s Nest
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Qingfeifei Locking Fresh Bird’s Nest Soup is an instant soup with nutritious ingredients that target young women. Pica Lab combines traditional Chinese elements and design art, trying to create a brand-new packaging style for edible-nest products. By gilding the woodcut illustration of the swallow, the packaging introduces customers to the rare and nutritious characters of this freeze-dried product.

Bird’s nest is a valuable ingredient. The concise figures of the swallow give customers an impression of natural and upscale. Pica Lab adds a drip in the typeface design, indicating the thickness of the soup.
Pica Lab also chooses an artful and romantic tone as another hit for target young girls – the International Klein Blue. The Blue is impressive for its brightness and limpidity, which infers comfort and health that the food brings about.

Pica Lab prints the slogan “用爱养成更好的自己(bettering you with our love)” on the opening side of the packaging, making an emotional linkage between the brand and its customers. Pica Lab also chooses a drawer structure for customers’ convenience.

Swallows are welcome in China from everlasting. The “spring swallow and the apricot blossom “ is a traditional pattern, implying wealthy, lucky and happy blessings. With the good wish illustration on the packaging, this product shares an extra gift value as well as its nourishing benefit.